Please find a list of my publications below. This list will be regularly updated, so check back for new additions.


Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • ‘Military Masculinity and Mechanised Prostheses: The Use of Assistive Technologies in Sixteenth Century Warfare’, in Alan Murray, James Titterton (eds.), The Material Culture of Medieval War (Leiden: Brill) – expected 2022
  • ‘Sight and Sanctity: Images of Saints Wearing Spectacles in Later Medieval Visual Culture’, in Stephanie Grace-Petinos, Leah Pope Parker, Alicia Spencer-Hall (eds.), Disability and Sanctity in the Middle Ages, vol. 2 (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press) – expected 2022
  • ‘Introduction’, in Stephen Basdeo (ed.), The Secret History of the Court of England (Barnsley: Pen and Sword Books) – expected 2021
  • ‘The Smithfield Decretals (c.1340)’, in Cameron Hunt-McNabb (ed.), The Medieval Disability Sourcebook (New York: Punctum Press, 2020)

Magazine Articles

  • ‘’To fight as well as anyone else’: Medieval Knights and Mechanised Prostheses’, EPOCH, 3 (2021)


  • ‘Connie Scarborough, Viewing Disability in Medieval Spanish Texts: Disgraced or Graced (Review)’, The English Historical Review, 134: 570, (October 2019), 1266–1268